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8 Practical Ways to Deal With Bad Skin Days

practical ways

As much as we would always want to have good, glowing skin days, it doesn’t always happen like we want it to. The reality is that on some days, you’ll wake up to a glowing and dewy skin, and on other days, well, it’s the exact opposite. It’s kind of frustrating, but it’s totally normal. So now the question is: how do you deal with bad skin days? 

In this guide, we will be giving some handy tips that you can do to cope up with bad skin days:

1. Do Ice Facials

do ice facials

You may have heard of skin icing or have tried it a couple of times yourself. Skin icing or ice facial is a form of cryotherapy treatment that involves the use of extreme cold or vaporized nitrogen to cool the skin of the face. Doing ice facials like gently rubbing ice cubes in circular motions on your entire face is an easy and accessible home remedy for bad skin days since it can reduce the swelling and puffiness of the face. On top of that, it can help slow down inflammation and minimize pores, and increase blood circulation, revealing a bright and radiant skin. 

2. Squeeze in a Quick Workout

quick workout

Working out can help deal with bad skin days since it boosts blood circulation, which results in a healthy glowing skin. However, be sure to always wear sunscreen when you are working out, may it be indoors or outdoors. 

Now, getting glowing skin, better stamina, and weight loss are not the only benefits that you can get from exercising — as it can also help improve your mental health. When you workout regularly, you release endorphins that aid in reducing stress and anxiety, and enhance your well-being, thus, leaving you with a happy or positive mood. 

Tip: If you are new to working out, don’t stress yourself by opting to exercise more than what your body can handle. See to it that you take it slow. You can do a quick 15-minute workout and gradually increase to a 30-minute exercise — until your stamina and endurance build up to keep up with longer and more extreme workouts. Eventually, exercising will become a part of your routine. And most importantly, find an exercise that you will enjoy doing, so you do not end up quitting after a few tries. 

3. Lessen the Products You Apply on Your Face

lessen products you apply

If you tend to resort to applying more skincare products on bad skin days, you have to stop doing that. It’s not the best solution, and it won’t do anything to improve your skin condition on those days. Applying layer after layer of skincare products on the skin of your face can actually make it worse, causing dehydration, irritations, and breakouts.

The best approach is to lessen the products and be more mindful of the products you are applying on your face. You don’t have to be so extra; you just need to know what your skin needs at the moment. Do not bombard it with unnecessary products that won’t provide positive results. 

4. Check the Ingredients of Your Skincare Products

Bad skin days are normal, but if you noticed that it has been going on for several days and is showing no signs of going away anytime soon — you should re-evaluate the skincare products you’re using. This is because some of them may be triggering irritations or breakouts that are making your bad skin days a little bit worse than what you expected. Check to see if some of the skincare products you are using may contain ingredients that are harmful to your skin such as alcohol, paraben, fragrance, mineral oil, and more. 

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In the event that they do contain these harmful skincare ingredients, discontinue using them immediately and throw them away. Take note as well of the skincare ingredients that shouldn’t be mixed together, such as vitamin C and retinol, benzoyl peroxide and retinol, etc. because it can damage or irritate your skin further. 

Tip: Do your research first and avoid splurging on skincare products or easily getting swayed by beauty ads, particularly if you are not familiar with them. Make sure to: 

  • consider your skin type and 
  • check the list of ingredients of the skincare product you’re planning to buy, so you will know whether they suit your skin type or not, 
  • or if they contain harmful ingredients. 

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5. Don’t Forget to Moisturize


People with dry skin type are not the only ones who should moisturize. In fact, no matter what skin type you have, moisturizing is an essential thing to do. That’s why on bad skin days where redness, acne inflammation, or dry patches arise, it’s advisable to moisturize as it helps soothe the skin and provide hydration. 

Tip: Choose a moisturizer that’s non-comedogenic, so your pores do not get clogged. 

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6. Get Quality Sleep

quality sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is important not only for your mood and energy, but also for your skin. When you are tired and you lack quality sleep, it will eventually show on your skin no matter how good and efficient your skincare products are. It all boils down to how you are taking care of yourself by getting enough sleep. Keep in mind that for adults, it is recommended to get at least 7 or more hours of sleep every night. Getting less than that can lead to poor health, so make sure to consider both the quality and quantity of your sleep.  

7. Avoid Exfoliating Your Skin

On bad skin days where you feel like your skin is extra sensitive or can get easily irritated, do not exfoliate your skin. While exfoliating may carry some positive benefits to your skin, it’s not the best thing to do during bad skin days because it can trigger irritations. So it’s best to skip the exfoliation part of your routine for a time if it still feels irritated, and let your skin calm down first until you see and feel improvements. 

8. Try Not to Stress Yourself

We all know that we try not to stress ourselves out, but end up getting more stressed. That’s why this practical tip may be easier said than done. With the fast-paced and busy day-to-day lives that most of us live, stress can be inevitable. However, that shouldn’t be a reason to completely give into stress. You have to think of yourself and your overall health. Too much stress can take a toll on your health, which in due course, will show on your skin. 

Tip: Treat yourself to a self care night by taking a relaxing bath and sleeping early. Other ways to relieve stress is to bond with your friends or family members, start journaling, choose a physical activity that you can enjoy such as sports, and more. 

Bad skin days are a hassle and can be inconvenient, but the good thing is that there are ways that can help us deal with them. We hope that this article was helpful!

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