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Oily Skin Food Alert: The 8 Foods to Avoid When You Have Oily Skin

oily skin food alert

Oily skin is one of the skin types that many of us struggle with. Various skin care and makeup products are being made available to help control excess oil on the face, and they’re absolutely handy. However, it all boils down to the kind of diet you have. Your skin can tell and it will show. So it’s worth noting that there are certain foods that trigger more oil production, hence, leading to a skin that’s dull, sensitive, and prone to more breakouts.

The food that we eat plays a huge role in our overall health, not only internally but also externally. This means that it can be seen on our skin whether or not we’re eating food that’s good for us. More often than not, many of us aren’t aware of the types of food that are good for our skin type. You may be here and you’re asking yourself “does my skin type have any relation with the food that I eat?” And the answer is yes. That’s why it’s essential to know your skin type as it will also help you know what’s good for you and what things to avoid. 

If you’re not careful with your food choices, it can take a toll on your skin. To help you with that, here are foods to avoid when you have oily skin:

1. Fried Foods

fried foods

Who doesn’t like fried food? We crave it every now and then. However, no matter how delicious and satisfying it is, fried foods aren’t exactly the best to consume when you’re struggling with oily skin. To be clear, fried foods don’t cause your skin to be oily as some skin types are naturally more oily than others, but it does trigger more oil production on the skin, especially when you don’t eat it in moderation. 

Since fried foods are normally deep-fried in oil, it contains trans fat. Trans fats or trans fatty acids are produced from vegetable oils. They are made when liquid oils are turned into solid fats such as margarine. And eating too much-fried food that contains these trans fats can potentially harm your skin as they can cause inflammation or worsen your skin health. 

2. Dairy Products

dairy products

Dairy products are present in many dishes because they make them taste better and build good texture and consistency. Dairy products such as milk are a great source of calcium, but consuming too much of it can eventually lead to breakouts, which are especially common if you have oily skin. There’s also a lofty amount of hormones found in dairy products that can stimulate the sebaceous glands (a small oil-producing gland), causing your skin to produce more oil and be more prone to acne.

If milk is a necessity for your diet, you can go for alternatives. These milk alternatives offer a good supply of nutrients and are also suitable for people who are allergic to dairy, lactose-intolerant, or simply want to shift to a vegan lifestyle. 

3. Salty Foods

salty foods

Salt is a necessary ingredient in just about every single food on the planet because it brings taste, and without it, the food will just be bland. Many of us love a good munch on salty and crunchy snacks such as chips. Nothing wrong with that. But just like the ones mentioned above, too much consumption of these salty foods won’t do any good to your overall health — and it can be evident first on your skin. 

Excessive consumption of salty foods dehydrates the skin and in turn, increases oil production while it tries to battle out dehydration that’s caused by too much salt. When this happens, your skin may swell and your body may find it more difficult to heal acne. 

4. Sugar


Do you like eating sweets? Then, we can agree that consuming these sugary products certainly helps on stressful days. However, they’re not entirely the best solution to relieve stress, not even for your skin. In fact, sugar only relieves stress and anxiety temporarily, and too much of it can lead to obesity and other health risks. Aside from that, your skin also suffers because unrestrained sugar consumption raises blood sugar levels, producing more insulin that causes the glands to produce more oil. This doesn’t only make your skin extra oily, but it also makes your skin more inflamed. 

5. Soda


Sodas are packed with sugar, and any food that’s super sweet is considered inflammatory. Too much soda consumption will not only raise your sugar levels and add inches to your waistline, but it can also stimulate excess oil production on your skin, resulting in acne-prone skin. 

6. Refined Carbs

refined carbs

White bread, white rice, and breakfast cereals are just some of the refined carbs that we normally consume. And consuming too many refined carbs and high-glycemic-index foods can be bad news for people who have oily skin types because it gives rise to inflammation and uncontrolled sebum production. 

7. Alcohol


For some people, alcohol is a staple for every big occasion, but we all know that it does have some harsh repercussions on our health, let alone even on our skin. Excessive drinking of alcohol can make the skin dehydrated and dry, resulting in increased oil production to combat the loss of water in the body. This doesn’t only make your skin inflamed, but it also clogs the pores, which can be the cause of breakouts. So stay hydrated and avoid too much alcohol in your system for healthier skin and body. 

8. Red Meat

re meat

Chowing down to a good steak is absolutely satisfying. However, red meat such as beef, lamb, pork, and more is one of the foods you have to avoid consuming too much of when you have oily skin as it’s high in saturated fats, which triggers excess oil production and increases tendencies of inflammation in the skin. 

There’s nothing wrong with eating the foods listed above. After all, they’re mostly what we crave and are almost always considered feel-good kinds of food. But it’s still more important to take care of your health and take the necessary measures to keep your skin in good condition. Too much of anything won’t lead to anything positive. Even if it feels good now — it won’t be later. Eating all of these foods in moderation is the key here.  

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